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Hear Yourself

How to Find Peace in a Noisy World

This is how it feels to be truly focused. Everything else drops away.

There is silence, then a beautiful symphony starts to play in our heart. You hear yourself.

A Story About YOU

The renowned educator and author of the internationally bestselling Peace Is Possible shows us how to quiet the noise of our busy lives and to hear our own unique authentic
voice—the source of peace within.

The renowned educator and author of the internationally bestselling Peace Is Possible shows us how to quiet the noise of our busy lives and to hear our own unique authentic voice—the source of peace within.

     The noise of modern life can be deafening, leaving us feeling frazzled and uneasy. In this warm, wise book, Prem Rawat teaches us how to turn down the noise to “hear ourselves”—to listen to the subtle song of peace that sings inside each of us. Once we learn this, we can hold on to it as we face all the turmoil of the world.

The feeling of peace is the deepest version of me. But it is also part of something more than me, more than all of us.

The culmination of a lifetime of teaching, Hear Yourself lays out the crucial steps we can use to focus on the voice within. Based on ancient wisdom and modern insight, the author re-connects individuals with their heart. This is an inspiring and unique journey to a greater understanding of our lives, with powerful and enduring lessons, enabling us to hear our true selves, perhaps for the very first time.

Yet this is not just another self-help book. Hear Yourself is the beginning of a journey. In this transformative introduction to Prem’s wisdom, you will explore the possibility of experiencing a timeless knowledge, dating back as far as human memory allows. Based on unique techniques freely given, a life-long opportunity awaits.

The author’s heartfelt, understated and gentle approach sets him apart from a legion of others seeking to provide “problem solving” learning. For Prem, life is not a “problem” to be “hacked”, but a beautiful journey to be felt and enjoyed, in every moment. Packed with powerful insights and compelling stories, Hear Yourself can profoundly change your understanding of you, your life and those around you. (Read a Sample)

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You will discover

Start with Yourself

We often blame circumstances or other people for problems in our life. In the end, we are responsible for our own happiness.

Choose Gratitude

What do we give thanks for in our life? So often we miss the most important gift of all – life itself.

Practice Peace

It’s not always easy to overcome distractions and connect with yourself, and Prem provides you with practical insights.

Deal With Tough Times

Strengthening your clarity and self-awareness is essential in the face of life’s toughest issues.

An audience of over 400,000 with Prem Rawat in Buxar, India 2017

About Prem Rawat

Born in India in 1957, Prem Rawat, brings over 50 years of experience from his extraordinary journey through life.

From boy prodigy, 70’s teenage icon, to global peace ambassador, Prem has brought exceptional clarity, inspiration and deep life learning to millions.

Now based in the United States, the founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation, Prem works with people from all walks of life, showing them how to experience the source of peace within themselves. His global effort spans over 100 countries, bringing a practical message of hope, happiness, and peace to all, one person at a time.

He is the internationally bestselling author of Peace Is Possible and the founder of The Peace Education Program. Prem is also a pilot, with over 14,500 hours of experience, a photographer, classic car restorer, and a father to four children and grandfather of four.

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